i-Tank Solutions

i-Tank Solutions


Smarter Water

Management with IoT

The iTank represents an innovative and adaptive solution, offering a versatile and modular IoT-integrated system designed for automating and reporting water levels in tanks across extensive areas with numerous installations. In contrast to existing commercial solutions, which often fall short in meeting the requirements of contemporary scenarios, particularly when tanks are widely dispersed, the iTank excels with its unique feature set. It boasts both wired and wireless connectivity options, adeptly navigating the complexities associated with wiring and integrating large-scale water distribution systems. Leveraging cutting-edge wireless technology, the iTank enables effective monitoring and management of tanks and pumping stations, even when they are distributed over large distances, up to 5 km apart, and can efficiently monitor over 50 tanks simultaneously.


Stop Overflow

No Dry Run

Save Water / Electricity

i Alert (Excesss Pumping / Consumption)


  • Water overflow & dry run is completely prevented
  • All time linear sensor with real time level
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic models
  • Valve control for automatic tank switching and refilling
  • Wired or wireless modules up to the range of 5Km
  • Up to 50+ tanks in total including multiple sump
  • Alarm for high level and low level thresholds
  • Consumption report and internet based level monitoring using application and web page
  • Motor status, power non-linearity protection and starter actuation status
  • SMS configuration and alerts
  • Suitable for urban, rural and hilly regions
  • Inert materialized sensor makes suitable for chemical level measurements

iTank Products

Level Sensor

Rs 12,500

Level Transmitter

Rs 15,000

Range Extender

Rs 12,000

Level Display

Rs 14,000

Master Controller

Rs 33,000

Mobile App – iTank

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